Air Wing NCC Inspection at BSIS

Exciting news at BSIS! Air Wing NCC officials inspected on 24/11/2023 to introduce NCC. Stay tuned for updates on this enriching addition

Why Some Prefer CBSE Over ICSE?

Explore why some prefer CBSE over ICSE in India’s education landscape: uniform curriculum, national exam alignment, and student-friendly materials.

Sports Activities at BSIS

Welcome to BSIS – where students come to learn, grow, and thrive! At BSIS, we strive to provide our students with an enjoyable and enriching educational experience. We understand the importance of physical activity and its role in a healthy lifestyle, which is why we offer a variety of sporting activities aimed at improving the health and fitness of our students, nurturing individual talents, and enabling them to enjoy the recreational benefits it offers. Our activities are designed to teach valuable life skills such as trust, commitment, self-discipline, honesty, respect for the opponent, and most importantly, grace and stoicism, whether you win or lose.