Air Wing NCC Inspection at BSIS

Exciting news at BSIS! Air Wing NCC officials inspected on 24/11/2023 to introduce NCC. Stay tuned for updates on this enriching addition

Why Some Prefer CBSE Over ICSE?

Explore why some prefer CBSE over ICSE in India’s education landscape: uniform curriculum, national exam alignment, and student-friendly materials.

Nurturing a Greener Future: World Environment Day 2023

In celebration of World Environment Day on 5th June 2023, students of BS International School came together to plant saplings and embark on a mission to create a sustainable and greener future. With a firm commitment to environmental conservation, the school organized a special assembly that not only educated students about the importance of protecting […]


A batch of Montessori children graduated from BS International School with flying colors on Saturday 01.04.2023.